Monday, December 28, 2015

And then Christmas also happened!

THE CHILDREN SLEPT IN UNTIL AFTER 8am MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME. Eleanor woke up  and was like, I have an idea! After breakfast, let's open all of our presents. And I was like, Hahahah good plan, you reasonable beast.

Eleanor wanted to be 'the elf,' by which she meant the person who gets the gifts and brings them to the recipient.

I though Geneva would be more baffled, because of how overwhelmed she was at Early Pretend Christmas, but she was extremely businesslike about the entire thing. Eleanor would be all, GENEVA IT IS YOUR TURN I HAVE A PRESENT FOR YOU and Geneva would drop whatever giant giraffe she was snuggling

and pull the new present onto her lap like Ok yes I will take care of this very important task for you. Eleanor got some stamps, and spent the morning playing librarian. 'But I only work on Tuesdays!' Joel and I each cried off after two hand stamps, but Geneva had like zero reservations.

Lookit them arms.

Geneva got a bunch of dinosaur magnets, which she organizes according to her own internal logic.

We had to scootch them out of the way for Joel's organ magnets. Impromptu biology lesson!

We are rich now in puzzles.

And books.

Eleanor got a 'Mary Bobbins' ornament because I'm taking her to see the play in the spring. LONG-DISTANCE CHRISTMAS GIFT!

Joel worked Boxing Day, and Eleanor was like, HOW DO WE CELEBRATE BOXING DAY? And I was like, I dunno, we put stuff in boxes? And she was like, OK COOL don't put the Mary Bobbins ornament in a box because I want to, and I want to put in a box all the ornaments off my own tree.

So we did that, and then we went out and bought me like $75 worth of new baking sheets and a knife sharpener and a second round of the tupperware set that we bought maybe a year ago, which we have LOVED and now I only have one type of tupperware in MANY DEPTHS but only three lid sizes and also cookie sheets I can put in the dishwasher without ruining and also my knives are all sharp and I am feeling super middle-aged about all this but look.

And then Geneva got croup,

which is my least favorite Christmas tradition.


blackbird said...

Oof, for the croup.
But what wonderful childrens they are. Patient and kind. All the time, right?
Doesn't matter, I adore them.

trish said...

What is this tupperware set you speak of? I need this in my life. And then I will get rid of all my mismatched tupperware, which will stay organized until one day when I'm in a hurry and then all hell breaks loose in the tupperware area.

farnandas said...

Nice post.