Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas! Is a thing that happened. After Christmas Eve, which also happened.

Oh man, every year is the best year. Ok so. Joel worked Christmas Eve morning, but I'm not hanging around the house all day because nothing is open and also not giving my kids a bunch of new toys that I happen to have wrapped and waiting. LOOK AT THESE TWO AND TELL THEM THEY HAVE TO WAIT ALL DAY FOR THEIR STOCKINGS.

I mean, right. We did them one present at a time, taking turns, and it was SO CIVILIZED and took like an hour.

Geneva got a photo album full of pictures of the two of them together, and reading it is how she spent Eleanor's turns.

They each got a new rolling pin because the one we have for play-doughing is awful. Geneva's just rolling her thighs.

Geneva got some trucks, Eleanor got some stickers, Geneva got a mermaid, Eleanor got a robot; she has named him Cherry Cake. Boop be boop.

Everybody got toofbrushes.

(Gotta roll my thighs some more.)

Eleanor spent the morning doing arts.

Geneva spent the morning trying to carry all her treasures around at one. (Come here, moots.)

Geneva is really into watching what Eleanor is up to, she doesn't even usually mind that she can't touch. (Dooon tutsh!)

It was pretty lightly snowing, so we took some of the more waterproof toys outside to play in the yard.

The girls waited for Joel so hard

so that we could have hot chocolate and watch The Grinch.

We had a Chinese food

(that is like the longest ginger beef of ever, Eleanor)

and then Eleanor put the take-out bag on her head and chased Geneva around for a bit.



blackbird said...

It seems absolutely PERFECT.

Pam said...

You're such a lovely mum and they're such lucky girls (but also lovely).