Friday, April 22, 2016


Eleanor just finished her gymnastics class, and I've been putting off going to the drop-in because I don't want Geneva getting ideas. Every Monday, Geneva's there in the toddler area, with her little chin on the railing, watching Eleanor. 'Neeva do it a dimnastics class.' And I didn't want her to fight me about having to stay in the waiting area, but class is over! So today I took them to drop-in and let them run wild.

And gymanstics has been wonderful for Eleanor, who is athletically inclined like I am athletically inclined. Which is not. Since the class started, she's been developing so much more physical awareness and started just, like, randomly climbing and jumping off of stuff.

And I'm not always paying attention to her class and I'm pretty far away in the toddler area so all of a sudden, she's like

and I'm like, OH HEY GOOD JOB.

Geneva's pretty game, but she's at that nervous age where she's just realized she can fall. THE WORLD IS FULL OF DANGERS.

It's so fun, and so healthy, and so so so adorable.


Pam said...

Very adorable.

Katy Murphy said...