Saturday, April 30, 2016


Eleanor's dance class photos were today, at ONE FIFTEEN IN THE AFTERNOON and Joel was working so obviously I had to bring Geneva, who has skipped her nap twice this week and been consequently HORRIBLE for it. But oh well dance photos cannot take themselves.

Putting mascara on a four-year-old is DIFFICULT. This is why pageant moms are so bitchy. I could hear myself saying things like Now don't touch your face HEY STOP TOUCHING IT but my eyelids are itchy I SAID STOP TOUCHING IT.

You'd never know it from that picture, but she did not care for the lipstick. Here she is holding her mouth Very Carefully because it feels weird.

Geneva spent the entire photo session running around the dressing room and making coy advances on the 'big baweenas.' Dozens of middle-grade girls in fancy dresses! A toddler's dream.

Eleanor has this enormous fake hairpiece that she wears in addition to the make-up and the hair flower. I thought it would look heinous but it actually kind of looks like a massive sloppy bun, which is my favorite kind of bun.

I have to use like a thousand bobby pins to hold it onto her own teensy bun. Eleanor fell asleep as soon as we got home, at 2pm, but Geneva talked to herself about her day FOR AN HOUR and I was like So help me if you do not nap I will sell you to the circus this is not a drill and then she napped but only for like half an hour and then woke up in a fiery rage.

The day was just so, so long and the week has been so long so I busted out some Disney princess magnets I've been holding in reserve for a time such as this, but even THOSE were a no-go (tooooooo twicky!) until Eleanor woke up (AT LIKE 4pm!) and showed her how it was done.

LE SIGH they never told me dance class would be so much work, I thought it would be just like gymnastics or swimming lessons, where you take them there and then take them home and your main responsibility is to remember their accouterments, but OH WELL I GUESS IT IS WORTH IT.

They are performing at the end of May and I am going to die of pride.

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blackbird said...

It's a very sophisticated looking get-up for a four year old.
Imagine if you were a pageant mom? Both girls would be pretty deep into competition by now, I'd guess.
They'd have so many trophies! (Can you see me making my sarcastic face?)