Friday, April 29, 2016

Sisterpals forever.

They are such buddies right now.


Geneva can talk now finally, which makes things easier

and Eleanor's gotten a lot more patient with toddlers being toddlers.

Geneva will more often say 'Whazzat, Ewwonoh?' than 'Whazzat, Mummum?' And Eleanor loves nothing more than telling people what stuff is.

I'll be in the living room by my lonesome, and hear UPROARIOUS LAUGHTER coming from my room. 'What are you guys doing in there?' 'We're playing that it's NIGHT.'

We've been waiting so long to get to this place, where they're actually compatible human persons and not just annoyances in each others lives. 

Since Geneva was BORN, basically. 

And now it's finally here. 


blackbird said...

LOOK at them!
What a nice time.

dlgowan said...

Ohhh, that image of them holding hands while Geneva is in the stroller. *sniff* That warms my heart. Very sweet...

Katy Murphy said...

Well done all.