Saturday, June 25, 2016

Further highlights from our trip

These two drinking buddies.

The Hat's Off Day parade!

There were police on motorcycles playing chicken! It was terrifying and loud! 

We rejuvenated with snax.

Eleanor got popcorn, to her great good delight.

The girls got their faces painted.

These munchkins.

Gigi pulled out all my old Littlest Pet Shop for when Eleanor needed some big girl alone time.

Backyard pool time.

This fairyface.

Bookholder foots.

Eleanor in all my grandmother's jewels.

This swing is still a thing.

Buncha nerds.

Pizza parties.

Cousin parade.


How much Geneva loves this heinous Miss Piggy puppet.

This old Kayleigh! And these bear-shaped macarons!

This petting zoo.

'Do joo wanna eat dis grasses?'

'Where are yoo goin, water?'

This complicated thingummy.

This old Robyn! And a Grumpyneeva!

Geneva having a love affair with this broccoli salad.

These two having the TIME OF THEIR LIVES in the bath together. Geneva would gather up all the bubbles and rub them on Rosey's tummy, going 'wotion wotion wotion.'

Cupcake-making time with an audience.

Eleanor being the Big Cousin.

(Rosey loved her so. much.)

Cucumber party in the sun.

Donut party in the rain.

Every swamp, everywhere.

Mall train.

Coming home again at last. For the last time.


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dlgowan said...

How sweet to have four girl cousins so close in age! They'll be lifelong friends.