Tuesday, August 16, 2016


So, we live in a farming town now. We have been to many agricultural fairs this summer. We have milked some pretend cows.

So many pretend cows need milking?

What is even up with this cow.

We have driven some tractors.

What a large tractor!

And we have ridden a pony.

We have phoned Old Timey Times.

We have done some things involving harnesses.


We have eaten some snax.

Lookit dat snax.

Half-asleep, eating snax.

We saw pig races.

We held a baby goat.

We held a baby chick.

We held a snake (and we loooooooved it and wanted to take it home. 'Snakes are so smooth and cuddly!').

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blackbird said...

Geez. Busy you've been!