Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The funnest week ever.

We are having what Eleanor is calling 'the funnest week ever.' We had a streak of like three good days last week, that led into a weekend at my parents' house, and now every time we do anything rad, Eleanor is like, THE FUNNEST WEEK EVER CONTINUES. It all began on a trip to the First Annual Cousin Trip To The Cultus Lake Adventure Park Before Summer Ends All Of A Sudden.

You ARE tall enough to ride! Look at this clambery wilderness, or whatever.

All the rides were perfectly sized, there were maybe two that Eleanor wouldn't go on. She is not super into roller coasters, I think it's being bonked around that does it, although she did do this little one with me, twice.

The swings were her favorite (I brought my phone up, all Oh I'm going to take such a good picture, but then you're swinging out over the water and I couldn't do it! So hat's off to Leah for holding her phone BOLDLY in the air for this one).

The bumper boats were great, the carousel was great, this donkey was great

and then she went on THIS thing

That is a terrible picture. THIS thing

like five times. I taught her about screaming in delighted terror and she was INTO IT.

And then we went to Coneheads for ice cream at like 8:30pm because we are wild childs. See you next year, adventure park.


Katy Murphy said...

Fun fun fun.

Here is one of my all-time FAVORITE photos of my girlie 💚

blackbird said...


Pam said...

Oh, your posts make my heart sing. Because I know your life is like this all the time and your children are never naughty. (Gosh, that sounds sarcastic but it's not meant to.)