Monday, August 08, 2016


We saw Josie today!

JOSIEEEEE. Friend of my heart. She is in town with her family for a wedding, and to go down to Disneyland, but most importantly, to meet me at the park this morning and let me cry all over her. It is perhaps no secret that I am not coping super well. I just thought this would be easier. Major life change is hard, who knew.

But, like, I'm generally a flexible and positive person! I thought I would be doing so much better at this! But on the other hand, people in BC are insufferable about how great their province is YOU GUYS IT IS NOT THAT GREAT. Random strangers being smug at me when they find out we just came from Saskatoon and being like, Oh yeah? And there was like nothing to do there? I bet you're so glad to be in BC now. It makes me want to list off a dozen things that were amazing about Saskatoon OR a dozen things that suck about this town, like ok you have mountains but you can only look at them for so long and your damn beaches are all ROCKS and your parks are all bark mulch and why do I even own sand toys, there is no sand for miles.

Bark mulch is the worrrrrrst. But ok Josie. My partner in positivity. Being around Josie reminds me what I like about myself, what I find beneficial about a positive outlook. We are going to adapt, we are going to be fine, we are going to get used to Cultus and its stupid rock beaches and the pain of losing all of our very excellent parks is going to recede. I am going to miss Josie FOREVER but life is hard and that's ok and we have facetime.

I miss her already again, though. 


blackbird said...

How great that you got to see her!
Awful she had to leave.


ramblin'andie said...

I lived in Chilliwack for a year when the kids were 3 and 1. My best friend lives in Greendale and it was still HARD.

After a while, driving to Harrison for their sandy beaches doesn't feel crazy anymore. I never did get used to Cultus, though the playground at the main (entrance?) beach is nice in the winter when all the people are gone.

The Vedder River has lots of access points from the Rotary Trail that are sandy and little estuaries away from the main (dangerous) river. They change from year to year, but are worth looking for.

My kids always liked the park at the school at the bottom of Promontory (across from Save On Foods and next to Starbucks), and duck poo park, and we loved going for a wander through Minter Gardens Country store and stopping for pie or ice cream in their cafe.

You are so good at finding things to do and making friends. I hope here starts to feel like home sometime soon too.

Rhiannon said...

People will be smug about Saskatoon no matter where you go. In Ontario they used to rib me all the time. Nobody ever believed me about how charming it was. My kids are totally younger than yours, 3 and 7 months but feel free to email me anytime, we're down the road in Ladner and we have an excellent beach with a great playground!

Pam said...

Just wait till your children leave the town you live in to live somewhere else with someone else, not necessarily who you'd have chosen for them. That's hard. But I sympathise with you too, while taking the opportunity to moan. I've just visited my baby granddaughter and she lives an hour and a bit away, which is a looooooong way for a Scottish person, since Scotland is about the size of a Great Lake (I may be underestimating the size of the GLs.)And am feeling very sad about her distance. I want her here, now.

I do love your description of "people who are significantly less annoyed" with your children than you are.