Sunday, December 11, 2016


Also! We completed the gingermansion. Once again many thanks to Josie's mom, who texted me pictures of her recipe because the link I had been using is now broken, and I neglected to write it down. I HAVE WRITTEN IT DOWN NOW. So get yer supplies.

Dump in some stuff.

Pour that molasses, you teeny dextrous baby.

'Gonna wick dis mowasses.'

The more things change, the more Geneva is always eating my lemons.

Supervise it, but don't touch it because then your hand will get mixed right in and then we'll have hand-batter. (What?)


Evening and morning, the first day. Day two! Get yer tools.

Roll some stuff, cut some stuff.

Look at all this fun we're having.

(Also look at this.

And this.

It's not a proper gingerbreadding until everyone has thrown at least one tantrum.) Evening and morning, the second day! Day three: Decorate like fools.

The success of this day depended on whether Geneva could figure out the squirt bag, because she needs to do things herself and her fuse is v v v short right now. But look at this tiny pastry chef!

Eleanor, you old pro.

Geneva's walls.

Eleanor's walls.

Joel's wall.

My prerogative as the one doing all the work here is that I get the front wall.

And then everything dries for almost 24 hours because I know better by now. I put the house together over naptime because I have to say every swear word I know or it won't hold, and then Eleanor shingled it when she woke up.

We had some outdoors situation to play in, so it wasn't until day five that we planted the lollipop forest and made it to snow upon the house.

Gingermansion, you look so good.


Constance said...

You guys have a kindred spirit in Queens, NY.

And here is ours in Vancouver should you work out a field trip in town. Gingerbread Lane at The Hyatt! Smaller but always fun to come to town.

Or other downtown Van sights!

You are hommmmmmeeeee!

September said...

One of my Christmas traditions is reading about the annual Gingerbread house. For realz, I wish you were my mom! Or at least my child's mom!!