Sunday, December 11, 2016

Snow Day

It snew! Ahhhhhhh it is so delightful. And I know it's not sticking, I'm not going to be knocking snow off my boots for the next six months, so I am HERE FOR THIS. It snowed a little

and then it snowed a bonsh.

Good thing we have all this snow gear.

We have been sledding so many times.

And those snow shovels I bought in Saskatoon are getting USAGE.

We thought it would be good snowman snow but it was not, so Eleanor made herself into a snowperson.

We also went to a Christmas party! We drove there in the snow! In my extremely safe and practical vehicle, which I adore. Many car adorned the ditch by the highway! Anyway. I wore a heinous sweater

and got festively drunk and cut the sleeves off of my sweater because I was too hot.

Tra la la!

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