Thursday, December 08, 2016


I keep telling myself that this is our Exploratory Year, where we figure out where stuff is and what's worth going to and how to dress ourselves for the weather. WE DID THE PARADE WRONG we didn't realize how cold rain is, and also, what the hell are you people doing, doing outdoor things at night. Do outdoor things in the day like civilized people.

Hnnnnnngh. We got so wet, and I forgot lap blankets for the girls and Geneva refused to wear my scarf over her lap because she is STUBBORN AF and we parked miles away because of parade congestion and anyway, I had to give Geneva her first foot bath when we got home because her toe-toes were SO COLD.

But. The next night was clear, and we'd heard from Jane about some lights! At main beach! Which is near us! And it was free! 'We are entering a magical land,' says Eleanor.

'This is my favorite one.' Eleanor pats a tree. 'Dis is MY favwit wun.' Geneva pats literally any other tree that is not the one Eleanor patted.

There were fire fighters roasting marshmallows. There was a Santa, but the line was LONG and the lighting was poor and we're frankly pretty Santa-rich this year. It was beautiful and free and near by. A+ holiday activity.

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Jane said...

Oh good. I'm glad it was a hit.