Thursday, May 04, 2017

A decade and counting

Another thing! That we did. Was successfully complete ten years of marriage! Ten years is no joke. Our trip to Hawai'i (ugh, blog post pending, I guess?) last November was our official ten-year trip, but our actual anniversary was late April, so we dropped the kids with the grands and got the hell down to Seattle, to stay at The Inn on Queen Anne.

So quaint! Perfectly respectable accommodations for two lovebirds traveling w/o their progeny. And located a mere half-hour walk from Pike Place! Where we got these AMAZING hand-shaved noodles and Vietnamese flatbread.

And then, apologizing profusely, ordered one of these monstrosities at the Original Starbucks.

It was SUPER DELICIOUS I will not lie.

And then we went to the ZOO and it was super sunny and warm and all the animals were out and then we went to Skillet for a redux of last time we were in Seattle and this time Joel got the fried chicken sammy and I got the porchetta, which was frankly a let-down but I think every porchetta that doesn't come from meat&bread is going to disappoint me.

And THEN we went to Top Pot donuts, not because we were hungry, but because we were going to be hungry later and then it wouldn't be open, and got a lemon-filled, a raspberry glazed, an ovaltine-filled, and an apple fritter.


It's so needley.

And you wait in line to buy your ticket, and then come back later and wait in line to get onto the elevator, and next time I would probably go not at the end of a long day because we were ALREADY DONE before we even got up there, but BEHOLD.

So I guess it was pretty alright.

The next morning, we had day-old apple fritters (thems keep really well) and cut-up fruit and swiss cheese and dried cherries for breakfast.

walked down to the aquarium, scoped out the octopus (who apparently escapes its tank every few years),

and then went in search of this one particular Mexican place before our harbor tour, and it was NOT WHERE IT SAID IT WAS ON THE MAP but we ducked into a donut shop and the girl is like, Huh yes that does say it should be right here, but she googlepictured it and was like, OH I know where that is, go back down this street halfway and turn down that weird alley that looks like it might be nothing but is in fact a wonderland of secret and hidden shops, so we DID and the alley went ON AND ON and we were just at the point where we would have to have found something else to eat to make the harbor tour on time and WE FOUND IT and it was incredible and also its super satisfying when you're touristing and it takes you forever to find something and then you do.

Here are some tacos I had.

And a huarache (1000% would eat again).

And then we went on the harbor tour! Which we both thought would be sort of lame but we forgot how much we like being taken on tours and told what stuff is, and also, boats are gentle and soothing and we maybe each took a little nap.

And then went back to that wacky wonderalley to scope it out more, and got this vegan mango chili ice 'cream' overtop of a death-by-chocolate same.

Also there was a Japanese festival happening? So we walked through that. LOOK at this tiny magical tree.

And then we went to the Chihuly Glass Museum, and I'm just now realizing that most of the good pictures are on Joel's phone, but LOOK at this Seussy-looking business.

That's a boat full of some hand-blown glass crazy, that is.

Everything is insane.


Then we went out for Indian food and everything looks so small only because the garlic naan is so heckin' huge.

Sunday morning, we got up and ate our last stale donut and slices of swiss cheese and drove to the outlet malls, where we malled for FIVE HOURS and I bought a le creuset for my children to fight over when I die, and then we came home to our beloved children, who missed us not at all.

Ten years! Not yet divorced, and neither of us has died.

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blackbird said...

Yer awfully thin for someone who eats so much.
But I'm so glad you eat so much - and that you are still married.