Wednesday, May 24, 2017

This is why we moved (and I am never moving again)

I have internet! IIIIIIII HAAAAAVE INTERNETTTTT. We moved! And then had no internet, and now we have internet and all our stuff is in this house and today we did the walk-through of our old house and I'm crying a little, because a week ago Friday my mom came out and helped me box up my entire kitchen and drive it all over to the new house and unbox it and find homes for it all, while my dad watched my kids, and then my parents took my kids for the day THREE TIMES in the next week and a half so I could unbox more things and drop stuff off at the thrift store and just like go grocery shopping because you STILL HAVE TO EAT even if you're moving.

And then my dad and my father-in-law and my brother-in-law and Joel's buddy came over on Saturday to help full the u-haul and drive it back and forth, and my mom helped me fill my car with the small things, the hangers full of clothes and the plants and the door mat, and drive those over, and then my in-laws took my kids all day Sunday so that Joel and I could clean the old house together, and then they fed us dinner, and then my mom came over tonight to put my kids to bed while my dad came with us to do the walk-through because our landlord is being a TOOL about everything and my dad can be very calming to us and very stern to other people and the walk-through went AMAZINGLY (we are very good House Mover-Outers Of, due to practice) and then my dad re-wired our hilarious chandelier that I hated at first but have become unreasonably attached to, so now ALL the bulbs work, and my sister-in-law is like five houses down so the other day, when both our husbands were out of town for the evening, I was like COME OVER WE WILL HAVE BURGERS AND PUT A MOVIE ON FOR THE KIDS.

I am living a life.


raidergirl3 said...

Five houses down? Oh, those sister-cousins are so lucky!
Congrats on the (final) move

Pam said...

So you are. Such a lovely one.

blackbird said...

You certainly are.
Perhaps some pictures of the new house?

dlgowan said...

Life in your new house sounds lovely (albeit a little chaotic right now). You've got this!

Kamsarmer said...

Lovelovelove all this news that is happy and good.