Monday, May 08, 2017

More accomplishments!

Another thing! That I did. Was turn 35! Every other birthday has been me and the girls and sometimes but not usually Joel. I buy a little cake, wrangle a little celebration. But! This year, my folks drove over after naps and hung out with the girls, and then my sister and her family including this ADORABLE BABY

joined us for pizza.

This is the year that everyone brought me flowers, and/or treats from Duft and Co. My mom and sister were there in the morning and brought me back a sticky bun, and Josie MAGICALLY arranged for someone to bring a selection of desserts to my house! Which I forgot to take a picture of before we ATE THEM. Accept, in lieu, some of my flowers! And my succulent terrarium!

Eleanor picked me an ENORMOUS bouquet of dandelions (our yard is Dandelion Town and the girls love it and we care exactly none because we are renters).


Some months ago, the girls were with their grands and Joel and I were spring-cleaning the house and then went out for some delicious cult sandwiches and stopped to check out an open house, Joel kept trying to make me look at real estate but UGHHHHHHH DON'T WANT, but we didn't have our kids and so anyway, we went to walk through this house. Just to look.

But! It was our dream house! I mean, it had all the things we wanted. So we went home and we were like...Is that our dream house? It is, right? We really love it. So we sent someone else over to walk through it, check it out, and we facetimed my parents and sent them the link to the listing and we were like, Here is a house, we think we love it, offers have to be in by tomorrow evening, we don't even have a realtor. They were like, You can get a realtor, and also, you should buy that house.

So we got a realtor, post-haste, and put in an offer and got the house! AHHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAAH OMG WE OWN A HOUSE AND IT IS BOTH OUR STARTER HOUSE AND OUR FOREVER HOME BECAUSE WE ARE NEVER GOING TO PAY OFF THIS MORTGAGE BUT ALSO BECAUSE IT IS PERFECT AND WE LOVE IT. We got the keys on Saturday, I put in my plants on Sunday, there's a little raspberry patch in the backyard, we have a deck, there's an island in my kitchen with drawers in it and the most HIDEOUS chandelier that I will replace in like ten years after we've like bought a reasonable couch and fixed that patch on the roof and other houseownery things.

So now I am 35 and also I own a house.


Amy said...

Congratulations! I love following your family, and I am truly happy for your latest good fortune.

blackbird said...

So much happy news.
That house looks aces.

dlgowan said...

That's fabulous. Congratulations on the new house. It looks lovely.

trish said...

A house! That you own! Awesomeness!

Pam said...

Happy birthday and happy house! How I would like to be 35...

Glenna said...

You deserve all happiness. Happy birthday and happy home.

Kamsarmer said...

Oh! All the feels! Congrats belatedly as we were away- hoorah for you ' uns!!!!!