Friday, June 23, 2017

Schoooooool's out, etc

Eleanor is done preschool! Forever! It is a weirdness.

'I'll never see my teachers again?' 'I mean, it's a small city, so you'll probably see them around.' 'But I'll never see my school again.'

Gymnastics wrapped up yesterday as well, with Bring A Parent day, so I dropped Geneva off with grandma and spent a few hours alone with Eleanor, who has become really funny and kind and this gets missed a lot for me because Geneva's always over here being scampy and shit-disturby and distracting. E and I went to Starbucks to pick up some gift cards for her various teachers, and to make them cards

and then to gymnastics, where she got to be my coach, and laughed uproariously the entire time.

She's just so good-natured and game. Five is an enjoyable age. Every time she bikes the 3km+ to school

or hauls a 10lb bag of library books up the stairs by herself, I'm just SO PROUD. Get on with that strong, marvelous body.

Geneva, meanwhile, is a magnificent weirdo. She is literally always trailing a rag or a blanket or a towel from her head. 'Wook at my wong hairs.'

And she's always emptying her hamper out at naptime (she has to put everything back after, otherwise she loses having-a-hamper privileges for a day, which as only happened ONCE) and then just, like, being in it.


Now school is done, everything is done, and the summer stretches before us.

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Pam said...

I remember that lovely feeling of freedom from having to take the children to places on time (especially so since I was a teacher myself so it was my freedom too). Have a lovely summer.