Sunday, July 23, 2017

We go to stuff.

Sometimes you go to stuff, and it's dumb! My parents and my sister and I went to this German cultural festival one time in Saskatoon that ended up being a handful of Germans and some sauerkraut in a school gymnasium. But 'you never know until you go,' as Eleanor says.

I'm trying to teach my kids to be goers, to show up for things and not worry about whether others will show up. I ESPECIALLY am doing this when I've spent all week thinking Saturday is my mom's birthday, and Sunday is the BBQ and Corn Festival, when both those things are actually next weekend and it's not until Friday that I realize that tomorrow, when Joel is on call two days running, we have no plans.

So we ended up at a 'Super Hero and Princess Party' at the downtown market. LOLOLOL there was nobody there. Like, no princesses, no super heroes, and like five vendors. 'Is it like this because of the rain, or?' 'Oh, we usually have around eleven vendors.' Ok so I'm not driving downtown again to hit this one up.

But we were already downtown, and dressed to kill, and it was DRIZZLY, so we went to The Bookman to read their Geronimo Stilton collection and play with all their toys and stroke their extremely tolerant cat.

You should always go to stuff. But you should know that you can always bail.


Constance said...

Looks to me like you three brought the 'festival' to the Super Hero Princess Bookman Show! So fancy! Come over here next time. We can pick blueberries and dance in the forest together.

Pam said...

Wise words...