Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Parallel lives!

A day or two before my wedding, my sister came with me to the mall so that I could by a few last minute things: a garter, a cake (pie) topper, some earrings, a groom. I had seen some sunglasses at the 1-for-$13, 2-for-$20 kiosk, so I convinced Boo that she wantneeded* a pair as well. She bought this fabulous pink pair, and I got some faux-DG ones that I loved. They didn't squeeze my head too tight, they didn't have those little nose-rest things that catch in your hair when you wear your shades on the top of your head to look cool/keep your bangs out of your face, and they didn't sit so close to my face that my eyelashes hit them whenever I blinked. They were delicious.

The other day, I put them on the couch, thinking 'These are so large and fabulous, I will surely see them before I sit.' I am an idiot. They are in several shards.

That same day, I got an email from my sister saying 'I dropped my fabulous new pink sunglasses into a bucket of oil paint today. It was like watching the Titanic sink into oblivion.'

There once were two girls from Burnaby
Who bought sunglasses so they could see
One pair, it has sunk
The other is chunks
And now I wear the pair I broke last year, which aren't half as fabulous and were missing a little metal bolt that I replaced with an earring and hope no one will notice. Woe is me.

wantneed: to want something, but be unable to justify buying it unless you convince yourself that you need it. Dried mangoes are frequently wantneeded.

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mmmmmmmmmmm dried mangos...

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