Wednesday, January 30, 2008

From left field

It snowed two days ago, so obviously the school is closed today. Joel and I are in the office, working on our homework. He goes to make us some tea. I have this way of looping the string from the tea bag around the handle of the mug and back under itself that I picked up working at Reds, because that way when you poured hot water into it really quickly, the string and little paper tab didn't slip into the mug with the water. It also throws people a little bit when they go to pull their tea bag out of their mug, and it catches on the handle, and they have to stop talking to figure out what's happening. Funny every time.

Anyways, so Joel brings the tea in, and he has the little strings looped around the handles and back under themselves.

Me: I like how you've picked up my string-looping trick.

Joel: I'm like the zombies.


Joel: In that I learn things.


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