Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Pee story

So I was at school, on my way into the bathroom but also checking my phone messages, and my sister had phoned!! And she always leaves these loooooooooooong messages so full of story and chatter that sometimes I forget it's a message and I start talking back to it. H'anyways, so I'm listening to this long message, and also trying to pull down my pants because I really have to pee but I only have the one hand to do it because my other hand has to hold the phone because I'm wearing these big hoop earrings that don't allow me to wedge the phone between ear and shoulder, and also I'm wearing this huge belt that is difficult to undo with one hand, and this is the part where you want me to say that I dropped the phone in the toilet and the automatic flusher flushed it down, but I didn't!! I just had an awkward pee!!! Anti-climactic!!!!

Enjoy your wednesday.

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