Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lingua franca for a reason

Because I totally condone the use of thesaurases as long as you know what the word you're slotting in actually means (and also because I have romantic fantasies of Joel reading the dictionary to me while I eat bruschetta), I spend a lot of time on Usually it's all business, but sometimes and I have some fun.

Like today, when I was looking up a synonym for 'sickness' and got: affection, affliction, ailment, backdoor trots...'

Backdoor trots. BACKDOOR TROTS!!! Who even cares what other synonyms there are? Why would you say 'malady' when 'backdoor trots' is at your disposal? Why waste your time on 'diseasedness' when 'backdoor trots' waits to spill from your lips (both literally and figuratively speaking)? What a glorious language we speak, when it contains such phrases as 'the backdoor trots.'

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