Saturday, March 15, 2008


If I've talked to you on the phone or seen you in person in the last week, I've already told you this story, but I'm throwing it out here because it needs to be told. And heard. And choked on a little bit.

So, a friend of mine's brother's friend's parents were on vacation in...Whistler, I think. Irrelevant. They were gone for a few weeks, so they hired a girl to look after their house and their really, really old dog.

The dog dies.

The girl phones the couple up, and she's feeling terrible, but the couple's all, It's alright, we figured that might happen, she was old, and all that. But we don't really want her hanging around and rotting, so would you mind taking her to the vet and having her...disposed of? I'm not really sure what vets do with dead dogs. Maybe they stuff them and take them home for their kids. Who knows.

H'anyvays, the girl feels so bad that she agrees, no problem, except that there is a problem. She doesn't have a car. And you can't exactly take a dead dog on public transit.

So she packs the dog into a suitcase, brilliant fix, and heads off to ye olde vet. She's sitting on the bus with the suitcase next to her, but it's creeping her out, so at the next stop she stands up to put the suitcase in the overhead compartment.

But there's a dead dog in it, so it's heavy and awkward. This guy sees that she's having trouble, so he gets up and offers to help. He also notices that the suitcase is heavy and awkward, and says something along the lines of, This is pretty heavy and awkward. What's in it?

She doesn't know what to say, so she says, Um...a set of computer speakers.

So the guy grabs the suitcase and runs off the bus.




Anonymous said...

That story is the long description in the dictionary of good old JUSTICE.

Nathan & Melissa said...

That is halarious! Nate and I both really enjoyed it! Thank you for the laugh of the day!

trish said...

ROFL! OMG I'm totally going to be telling this story at work tonight. Hopefully I can keep everything straight.

nardeeisms said...

Too late Trish...I've beat you to it and have already told it 3 times. Love it! Love it! Love it!

Thanks for sharing Mawbooks!