Tuesday, March 04, 2008

To balance out my karma

Alright, kids. It's been a five-day break from the haterade, and I hope you're all ready for a tsunami of luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv.

Things that I love:

- the note Joel left for me the other day informing me that if he was not home when I arrived, that he was somewhere else.

- the two Canadian geese that have taken over the UCFV campus, and the knowledge that spring and an onslaught of bunnies can't be far behind.

- all this fake-spring that's been going on, lulling me into the hope that it might segue into real-spring without backlashing into crappy winter

- Advil

- my book blog (you know it and I know it, regular-blog. You haven't been my favorite for months now. Let's just get it all out in the open like adults)

- that my brother found someone to marry him

- that my sister found someone to get old-person ailments with her (Darren has shingles, and boo has had, at various times, kidney stones and the gout)

- my aunt, who knows that I secretly love fantasy novels and I can't resist anything with lords and ladies and clashes of family honor, and that if she buys me the first book in a series, I'll have no choice but to tear through the entire thing. She is my gateway drug.

- string cheese

- my ratty old bathrobe

- my tiny four-cup coffee maker which makes just enough for me and a friend, or for me and for me.

- this girl in my bio class who keeps asking me how long ago things were for me (i.e. 'How long ago was Biology 12 for you?') and then cackling, because get it? I'm old.

- my care group

- my potluck group

- my writer's group

- my Alpha group

- that there are only three more biology labs left in the semester, and then I never have to touch fruit flies or try to figure out their sex under the microscope ever again (I have to explain this part, because it's creepy and hilarious. So, for reasons I don't yet understand, we have to sort our experimental fruit flies into males and females, but we have to knock them out first, which I'd love to tell you that we do with tiny clubs, but we use ether. H'anyvays, getting them from the jar where they live to the jar with the ether involves a certain amount of pinache that none of us seem to have, and the room is always swarming with escaped specimens. You finally get maybe half your flies into the ether and then you leave them in there until they pass out, but not until they die, because you need them to breed later, so you're hesitant to leave them in too long. Once they're under, you dump them onto a sheet of paper and look at them under the microscope, which, creepy, and then you have to sort them into males and females, except that you haven't left them in the ether long enough and so while you're poking them with your sorting stick and looking at them under 400x magnification, they wake up and start crawling!!!! Ack!! Hrack!! Euck!!! I can feel them on my skin).

- the fact that they installed a Tim Hortons on campus just in time for Roll Up The Rim

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