Saturday, March 08, 2008

Riddle me this

I have a..uh...whaddayacallit...a conundrum for you guys.

I'm heading to the bathroom at school the other day, and I always always always take the handicapped stall if it's free, because I like to set my backpack down as far away as possible from where I'm about to pee, and where others have peed before me, and where they might have spritzered a little on the floor. I figure that if one of the three people at UCFV who are actually in wheelchairs comes in while I'm peeing, that they can jolly well wait. It'll be character-building.

So I drop my bag on the floor and hang my purse on the little hook and lift the lid, and LO! There is a giant log floating languidly in the bowl. With no accompanying toilet paper.


This is not just a poop-it-and-forget-it. This is not the case of someone taking a giant dump and then not all of it making it down the chute and some of it backwashing into the bowl, because those always return a shadow of their former selves and THIS, my friends, was no shadow. Joel says that maybe it was a clean break, but I say nay. No one assumes a clean break. You always check, and you check with toilet paper, which you then toss in with your...uh...leavings.

HOW does this happen? I am beyond puzzled.


Nathan & Melissa said...

Nate's explaination - Once thought only to frequent the gentlemen's room, this phenomenon is most commonly known as a confidence poo. One is sure beyond reasonable doubt that all is well post release.

trish said...

OH MY HECK. I thought I was the only one who talked about this kind of stuff. STOP IT! I shouldn't be laughing this much at work.