Saturday, June 14, 2008

What doing?

For those of you whom I don't see on a day-to-day basis (Hi, September! Hi, Alan!) and haven't told you all about our exciting plans, welcome to: The Year We Were Nomads.

At the end of June, Joel and I will be packing up our earthly goods and moving them into his parents' attic, where we will also be living for 5 days.

In early July, we'll be flying out to Mexico for 6 weeks to work with friends of ours doing...I dunno. Mexican things. Remember how, when I was in Thailand, I would blog, like, every day? This might end up being like that. Contrary-wise, we might have no readily-accesable intarwebs there, or we might just be right well busy, so I might not blog at all. How exciting!

We get back in the middle of August, and will be moving in with my parents while we try to find a place to live in Vancouver for 4 months.

Come September, we'll have hopefully found a squalid hole to store our mattress and microwave and selves that will let us pay month-to-month. All UBC med school students need to have the same basic whatever bla bla bla so Joel has to attend the Vancouver campus for a semester. Don't ask what I'll be doing school-wise because....I'll let you know in October how that's going.

In January, we'll be moving to Victoria so Joel can attend the Victoria campus of UBC med and I can finally settle into a program at UVic and estimate when I might graduate (HOO-ah!) and we can find a decent place to live and settle in there for several years. YEARS, people. Do you know how long it's been since I spent a full year in one spot? Seven years.

Meanwhiles, I'm entering in the last week of classes (read: tearing my hair out and throwing things) and trying to pack up all our junk into Victoria/Vancouver/Mexico boxes.

So...sorry for the silence all this while. Things is busy.

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