Sunday, June 15, 2008

When good snacks go bad

Ok, FIRST of all, what douche-wipe gave this the go-ahead?

For what do we need chocolate-flavored Skittles? We have M&M's! Also Smarties, for if you are an idiot and have bad taste. Chocolate-flavored Skittles, that is just the gross. Think-tanks, learn this lesson: things that are chocolate-flavored but are not actual chocolate invariably taste like Tootsie-Rolls (which, again, we already have) or ass.
Case-in-point this can of nast:

Accidentally purchased due to its strong resemblance to Diet Cherry Dr Pepper, this is Diet Cherry-Chocolate Dr Pepper. Throw a Tootsie-Roll into a can of Dr Pepper, you will have this product. You will also have diabeetus. And a strong urge to vomit.


Anonymous said...


Amen to the smarties being completely inferior to m&m's.

And the tootsie roll thing!

And chocolate flavored diet cherry dr. pepper? I'm confused.
When we lived overseas, my dad would drink a dr. pepper each time we came back to Canada on furlough, just to remind himself of how gross they are. I expect that this is what Joel is doing.

And what? I just saw my name in the next post?
Whoa. Raych loooooooooves me.

Anonymous said...

cuando raych no esta blogging, no tengo felicidades in mi corazon. eso es una problema grande y pienso que raych necessito preguntar si quieres problemos para su amiga septiembre.