Monday, June 30, 2008

Goodbye, reliable wireless internets.

So, my father-in-law has been stopping by after work with his truck for the past week to pick up those things that are a Pain In The Ass To Move. You know the things. Beds. Couches. Kitchen tables. Also file under: Things That Are Useful For Living.

Early last week he came and took our couch, our kitchen table (which we never eat at, but which I often use as an extra surface when I'm cooking), half my books, and whatever I could haul out of the crawl space that was already in boxes.

In the middle of last week, he came and took our bed and desk. We've been camping out in the middle of our bedroom, which is suddenly much larger, ever since.

On Saturday, he came and took my bookshelves *sniffle*, all our pots and pans, and the footstool for my big red chair. Now we have nothing to cook with, nothing to sleep on, no surfaces to let useless papers built up on, and nowhere to put our feet when we're sitting in the big red chair. My life is so hard.

Fortunately, due to the inconveniences of the past week and my father-in-law's willingness to haul heavy things, our 'big move' today will be much less of a hassle.

Let the living out of suitcases commence!

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