Friday, January 29, 2010

And they all lived happily, sooner or later.

Ok so this story has an ambitious beginning, kind of a sad middle where I remember that I don't actually like pasta sauce, and a happy ending where I eventually realize that I am willing to eat just about anything these days.

Ok so.  I can eat oatmeal and popcorn and muffins, but none of these are technically meals.  Pasta sauce is part of a meal, and was also something I figured I could make iodine-less so I bought a zillion tomatoes.

Good thing I have that tiny food whizzer.  ANYways, whizzed fresh tomatoes mostly just look like tomato-smoothie.  Urgh?

Whizzed fresh tomatoes with a bunch of other stuff that has been simmering for, like, five hours looks like sauce!

The chunky bits is carrot, not delicious beef.  I'm not supposed to have ground meats.  But this is the part of the story where I remember how fond I am of cream sauces, and how turkey, unless you bake it, is kind of gross, and how rice is not pasta.

This was a sad day for me, and was followed by a few more sad days until I just threw the rest of the sauce in the freezer.  And then I ate nothing but popcorn and oatmeal for three days straight and then I remembered the sauce in the freezer and I think I was starved for nutrients, because it. was. great.

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