Saturday, January 16, 2010

Welcome to my saltless hell

Ok so on the one hand, we finally have a date for radiation so wooooooooooooo!  Getting this done!

On the other hand, it is exactly one month from today which means that between now and then I'll be on a low-iodine diet in order to starve any rogue thyroid cells so that when I go on the radioactive iodine they'll hork it down without thinking.  And then a-splode.

So, iodine.  Most salt is iodized, but I have a big happy box of non-iodized salt for my use in the next month.  The PROBLEM is that almost EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE WORLD is made with iodized salt.

Bread.  Pasta.  Everything that is canned.  Everything that comes in a box.  Everything that is ordered in a restaurant.  EVERYTHING THAT I WILL WANT TO EAT EVER!!!!!  Also dairy, because cow teats are cleaned with an iodine solution.

So.  This blog for the next month will probably devolve into a chronicle of the various things I tried to make myself without using butter or eggs (both verboten) before I give up and just eat platefuls of boiled broccoli and chicken (which I have to buy fresh, because frozen chicken is packaged with salt).  UnTIL then, here are some things I have been eating WITH A RELISH for the last week:

Mr Noodle With An Egg.  A childhood staple and my go-to lazy-man's lunch.  The noodles, broth, and egg yolk are all off-limits.  I can still have the egg whites and the hot water, though.

Steak with broccoli salad and sweet potatoes.  Not the steak, broccoli or potatoes per se, just the salty crust or mayonnaisey dressing that makes them all worth eating.

Pickles.  Pickes are made entirely of salt.  I ate an entire jar yesterday, and then wished I hadn't.

This was my 'last meal' yesterday.  Salty fries with a salty burger on a salty bun with salty onion straws and salty bbq sauce.  The lettuce was probably not salty.

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christina said...

I came over here from your other blog. Dude, that sucks - not about finally getting the treatment, but the saltless month! It's like prescribed bland food. Ack. can go to the local hospital and get food "to go". Or...get dressed up and eat out there, just like you're at Outback or whatnot.

I suppose I would keep track of all of the foods I was missing and then gorge myself after treatment. I wonder if you will not like salt after these 30 days? You know, like you'll eat something and be all "OMG that is just waaayyy to salty!".