Thursday, July 15, 2010

Just checking in before I check out

Many exciting things happened today vis a vis children and bikes (like how Kate and I were spelling each other off doing laps with The Child For Whom I Am Primarily Responsible because it is sweaty work running next to a biking child but then they brought out The Child's bike from home which is EXCITING FOR HER but terrifying for those of us who have gotten used to having a don't-tip bar to grab when she's tipping, so Kate and I flanked her and we ran in a flying V, which was excellent for safety purposes but terrible for spelling-off purposes and I sweated much) but I spent the afternoon at the beach and then I had book club (not my shouty book club or my really exclusive med-wives book club but the other one) and now I am a sleepy puppy.

I am totally reading The Graduate and it is salacious and great.

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