Monday, July 12, 2010

The purpose of this post is mostly to complain about how sore my calves are.

They are sore.

So, I'm working at Lose the Training Wheels this week, which is a daycamp to teach kids with special needs how to ride a two-wheeler bike, which is IRONIC because I am crap at riding two-wheeler bikes, but the only skills required for the helping of these kids is that I run alongside them on their modified bikes with my hand hoving by the do-not-tip handle, and shout encouragement at them.

Ok so there's three rounds of kids in a morning, and the first round I am a floater, which means I sit on the sidelines with other floaters and laugh because there's this one kid who is fast and he is giving his runner a run for his money, and there's this other kid who is literally distracted by the air.  So he's looking every which way and almost tips every second second and his runner has her hand on the do-not-tip handle more or less all the time.

And then the second round I get a little girl who is little and seven and really very small and also fast.  She is....I don't even know why she's at this camp.  We'll have her on two wheels by Wednesday.  ANYways, she's fast and intent on passing everyone and really good at not shouting SEE YA LATER at them after I tell her that probably hurts their feelings and also very agile and an excellent passer.  Also, fast.  So I chase her with my legs for 75 minutes and then I go have some juice and she goes home.

And the third round I'm technically a floater again but this is the 'challenge' round, full of the kids who bolt and the kids who have seizures and one girl can't keep her eyes on the prize (where 'the prize' is 'the area in front of her') so I run backwards in front of her, calling her name and asking her how many fingers I'm holding up and doing anything I can to get her in the habit of looking frontwards.

Backwards is harder than forwards, and we have come full-circle to my calves and why they ache.


Emily said...

Aww that's so nice of you to help them! I'm very sorry about your calves, though. :(

alice c said...

Today, Ms. Raych, you win the Best Post of the Day award IMHO. Love it.

Mum said...

I love this post too... Rach some day you will be helping these same kids at 'Lose the L' daycamp for new drivers and your Auntie.. who arrived by air just yesterday will be so proud of you!