Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I promise this will not become a mommyblog.

Because I am doing other things besides being pregnant.  Like ANNOTATING!  Remind me to go off on a tear about this anthology we are annotating, and how annotating is way more nit-picky than I'd ever imagined anything could be, and how we sometimes spend half an hour trying to confirm via reputable source when some guy DIED.  Maybe that was my tear right there.

But anyways, I was pregnant for a long time and not blogging about it, which was weird for me.  Here are all the things I couldn't tell you, intrawebz:

We knew for about two weeks before I told my sister, and a month and a half before we told our parents, and it was wacky to me that we were going to have a baby and our families didn't know but all my doctors knew, and the receptionists at my doctors' offices knew, and the girl who takes my blood at the clinic knew.

Pregnancy has turned me into a mouth-breathing moron.  The blood vessels in your sinuses swell up, making it harder to breathe through your nose and I'll be sitting here reading with my mouth hanging open like a yokel.

You can't just throw on something with an empire waist, or buy regular clothes in larger sizes, like I'd planned on doing.  Your boobs are too big in the first case and you are wrong-shaped in the second.  Dressing yourself becomes infinitely more complicated.

My boobs are ridiculous.


Rhiannon said...

Alright then, no mommy blogging. But I do expect funny preggo stories. And of course later, funny toddler stories.

Anonymous said...

As someone in the early, hidden phase of pregnancy? I so totally get this. My best friend knows, but our families do not. The doctor's office does, but no one at work. I've been buying 'fat clothes' for now, but I know eventually I will outgrow my pants and be forced to buy new ones.

And I want to tell everyone but at the same time I like having our little secret.

alice c said...

I'm easy about mommy blogging - it is something to celebrate - congratulations to you both!!...

(just pausing to run up and down punching the air on your behalf)

...and I don't think you could make it boring if you tried.

Jonathan said...

laughed out loud....pregnancy boobs are rediculous!!! So pumped to have my little ones back. Didn't know how blessed I was to begin with :) good luck on finding preg does feel so much better when your clothes fit!