Thursday, July 28, 2011

Scavenging nature for my own pleasure. Part I.

I've never had a garden before, so I've never been able to (as every heroine in every Victorian novel ever has done) gather flowers for the drawing room, or whatever.  We have a garden now, but it is the basement troll's baby and domain, so we don't touch.

EXCEPT!  The basement troll is tree-planting for the summer (I'm sure I've mentioned this, AND done a happy jig already, but *jigs*) so our gardens are neglected.  The front yard looks like this

and the side-yard looks like this

and the back garden looks like this.

Anything that rampant is obviously weeds, but *I* don't know different, so.

Hullo, pretty kitchen!

Speaking of gardens, my three-plant mini-garden is doing splendidly.  I think.  It is making THINGS, anyways.

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