Monday, July 11, 2011

My final 29th birthday celebration.

We went to a cabin with some friends on my actual birthday, and then we went to Cirque for my birthday a few weeks ago, and then on Saturday we executed our original plan for my birthday.


We have been wasting the last few years by living here and not kayacking.

You get to spy on the tourists!

And see the sights but from, like, lower down!

And then at one point you have to charge across open seas and it is choppy and there are large boats and you are small and badly steered.  But we lived to have dinner, so.

Joel promised to take me for tapas for my birthday, so we went to The Mint, which is very dark and very underground which results in poor, flash-riddled photos of the samosas

and choyela

and spicy noodle soup.

The choyela was particularly ridiculous.  I will eat all the spicy meat fragments you have.

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