Friday, August 26, 2011

Cruisecation: Day Two

Our hotel promised continental breakfast, which in Canada is toast and maybe jam if you get there early.  We were pleasantly surprised to find that the lobby smelled of waffles, on account of the hot waffle griddle and the dispenser of waffle batter, for the purpose of making one's own waffles.

We had some hours in South Beach, which we mostly spent walking said beach and wilting and getting as damp as possible.  Our summer in BC has been lackluster, and we are not accustomed to things like sunshine and heat.

Also, we saw Versace's mansion, where he was keelt.  The doorman in the black suit (who discreetly stepped out of our picture) looked like he was going to melt.

The bus that was to bring us to the cruise port broke down and all the company had to spare was this limo.  No complaints.

Ok and so the boat.  The Allure of the Seas is, together with its sister-ship The Oasis of etc, the largest cruise ship asea.  It is, you guys, so large.  It is a theme park and a city and a shopping mall and a food court and it floats.  It has a central park.  And a carousel.  And a mini-golf course.  And a cupcake store.  And a hot dog stand, where you can get hot dogs because it is afternoon and you sort of forgot to have lunch and are starving.

So for the first day we had hot dogs and ice cream

and looked at all the things, and planned our future eating and carousel-riding and staggered into dinner a little overwhelmed.  And ok.  I have never been on a cruise.  I have heard you can order All The Entres if you want.  This is nuts to me, but I am totally for ordering several appetizers and a few desserts, because THE MENU!  She entices.  Plus, if there was ever a time to try watermelon gazpacho with celery and cucumber, it's on the hottest of days.

And this may have been the cucumber talking, but it was refreshing as hale.  So refreshing that I would try all the cold fruit soups for the rest of the week.  Cold fruit soups are frequently just smoothies in a bowl, you guys.

I also had the fancily-named fruit salad

the pork medallions

and the peach and blueberry cobbler with a side of chocolate mousse.

They make the entres smallish so's you can justify two desserts, me thinks.  I would eat like this always.  And THEN we went and saw Chicago! because cruises have musicals, and then we all did silly vaudeville moves (is any vaudeville not silly?) for the rest of the week.

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