Tuesday, August 02, 2011

To catch you up.

My intrawebz was down all day yesterday.  It was a quiet and lonely day.  I purged the filing cabinet and my closets without the crooning of internet-radio or the cheery chirp of my email to keep me company.  Here's what you missed while I was stuck in the interpipes:

I've taken up swimming again, and it is awesome.  I'm like a very small, freckled orca.  BUT.  I had bought new lotion because the chlorine makes my skin go EHHHHHHN and friends?  If you buy the not-Aveeno-but-the-cheap-lotion-packaged-to-look-like-Aveeno, Aveena or Oveeno or whatever, and it says 'oatmeal and menthol' on the package and 'for hands and body,' what that means is do not put that shit on your face.  You will regret it.

Speaking of swimming, I bought the most expensive swimsuit of my life today.  None of the $14 suits at Urban Planet and Sirens and all my usual suspects have tops anymore, it's just row after row of bottoms, so I went to a proper bathing-suit-selling place.  Those places GOUGE you.  But the lady kept bringing me options based on what I asked for (halter, please.  And bright.  And not yellow or white) and I kept putting this tangerine with white polka dots back on and it FIT and the COLOR is SPLENDID and did I mention the fit?  But the price.  But I have been so frugal in this pregnancy so far!  But egads.  But I love it and have zero buyer's remorse.  Talk to me in a week.

Speaking of buying, I was in Urban Planet picking up some $5 tanks (see?) when a girl was caught shoplifting.  And security came and there was shouting and the girl was ADAMANT about SOMETHING and the cashier and I looked at each other like, How exciting!  And after they marched her out and the gal rang up my purchases she's all, That'll be the highlight of my day.

Speaking of highlights, I made a flan yesterday.  And not like that time Robyn and I made a low-fat flan and it was basically an omelette with syrup, but an honest-to-goodness flan.  Several flans.  My flan recipe (which is actually a halved recipe already) makes four small flans, so yesterday Joel and I each had a flan, and tonight I will have flan after dinner without having done any of the work for flan and it will be the highlight of MY day.

Except for buying that bathing suit, which I'm still stoked about.

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