Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cruisecation: Day Four

And then?  And then!

Joel and I woke up at 6:30 to watch the boat dock in Haiti (the rest of my family is already up at 6:30, so doing same hardly counts for them) and to eat free room service.  It gets an A+ for convenience and timelihood but was sadly devoid of Enough Ketchup For My Hash.

We scooted off the boat for our Snorkeling Adventure, which I blogged about here (as it was on my life-list.  For every 'snorkeling' that I check off that list, I add 'attend a masquerade' or some such and The List abides).

Did I mention that Dad brought along walkie talkies for the family?  Without which we would have wandered the beach forever looking for boo and Darren, since the only way to NOT DIE on a Haitian beach is to ensconce yourself in a cabana.  With your plate(s) of food.

The rest of the afternoon is lost to me in a haze of napping and showering and then probably napping again.  I believe dad and Joel went jet skiing?  Something watery and adventurous.  At any rate, I had a lamb shank for dinner.

And the strawberry bisque to start.  Cold fruit soups, who knew you had so many iterations?

And a warm chocolate cake with roasted pears and ice cream, which I would not have had except for our excellent waiter's excellent recommendations (Simon was never wrong), and a raspberry panacotta.

Oh my.  And then we took in OceanAria, an amazingly dichotomous show.  The acrobatics and high dives and strongmen and whatall were insane, but the dancing girls were, as Joel said, like the music they make you listen to when you're put on hold.

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Ky said...

I want to cruise now, oh so badly, if only for the food.