Tuesday, January 03, 2012

'Bout time.

So, if we're not facebook friends and you don't follow Joel's one-track Instagram feed, you might not be aware, but we figured that since we didn't have any really thrilling New Year's Eve plans that we'd go ahead and have this baby.

Eleanor Constance Loretta, 6 lbs 9 oz

I'd blog the whole thing chronologically, but you guys know how little the parents of newborns sleep (or you've read enough STFU Parents to know and also I'm putting all of you an alert to warn me when I become That Parent.  Cool?) so I'm a little scattered.

So let's just go with what I remember right now, which is that she was super-accommodating and came on New Year's Eve, so that I could go to All The Holiday Things without having to bring her and my huge, weird boobs (I have huge, weird boobs now) and my c-section incision and my inability to walk around gracefully.

She was pulled out squalling at 4:12 pm, so that everyone could come check her out and coo over her and still make their evening plans, but no one (not even me) had to get up at, like, 2 am to go into contractions or catch her or anything.

Coming on New Year's Eve also meant that Joel still had two days off school and could hang out with us in the hospital all day Sunday and then bring us home on Monday (ps: I would like to go on record saying that Joel has been amazing, and that you should all be so lucky).

Well done, El.  Please be this compliant when you are 15 and I want you to get your ass to school on time.


Katie, Interrobangs Anonymous said...

Well done getting one of the cute ones! People say all babies are cute, but it's a lie. Many look like old, dehydrated men. But this one is quite adorable.

Anonymous said...

Oh yay oh yay!
I read about it first on Jane's blog and came right over to see pictures. She's adorable.

blackbird said...

I'm oh em gee-ing cause she is sososo CUTE.
Actually, she looks like you. Except I've never really LOOKED at Joel.
Is that his name?
I luff her!

Cool name too, eh?

Rhiannon said...

yay!! more baby posting!!
Good god she is cute, and although we don't see a lot of pictures of the tall one on the blog, i have to agree the pictures posted look remarkably like you (or at least as much as I remember you looking at the BEA and then from blog pics). But maybe I'm just confusing you with some of the food pics and then I suppose she just looks like a great sandwich?

You'll just have to post or tweet a hundred more photos for further analyzing. I do it with my cats so you're totally allowed with the baby you made.

aleta said...


alice c said...

such wonderful news!
So thrilled for the three of you - have you explained that there is much crazy eating in her future?
And the name?
Well let's just say that it is adorable and my favourite name and extremely familiar to me.
Welcome little Eleanor!