Saturday, February 25, 2012

Everything old is new again.

So I've been wearing my maternity clothes, both because SO COMFORTABLE and because they're mostly super-easy to nurse in. But I hate them. so. much. Remember this shirt?

I have it in three colors, and they were the only shirts that fit me near the end and I wanted to burn them, I was so sick of them. But I got un-pregnant and nothing else really fit me except these three shirts and then that batch of v-necks I bought that one time because I am a thinker-aheader.

And sometimes I leave the house and have to wear clothes. And I was all, Booo, to get out of these shirts I'm going to have to go BUY some new shirts and I have ZERO MONEYS, but first let me go see what I have in a box in the garage marked 'Does Not Fit Any More.' I bet it's just a few sweaters.

You guys. I have SO! MANY! SWEATERS! And other shirts too! And JEANS! I put on proper jeans the other day and MERCY ME they were tight, but I did them UP and then WORE THEM. Plus I have at least two pairs of jeans I kept meaning to take in and never did, thank goodness for lazy.

But so when you haul all of your old clothes out and wash them all at once because they smell like garage, you quickly run out of places to hang them.

But then all day you are bustling about the house doing stuff, and running into that shirt and those jeans and being like WHEEE I AM GOING TO GO SHOPPING IN MY OWN CLOSEST. I need to figure out an errand to run, you guys.

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alice c said...

Oh my...isn't it amazing to think that there is a tiny little Eleanor person all tucked up in that bump.