Friday, February 10, 2012

In which I leave the house like a singular human.

Joel and I went to see Mission: Impossible: The One Where The Whole MI Division Is Disavowed And Not Just Ethan Hunt. We left Eleanor with her Gigi and Pop Pop, not just in a crate with some snacky crackers. We are responsible adults.

ANYWAY, that movie is badass. I will accept Jeremy Renner as the new non-Matt-Damon Bourne because of how badass he was. Simon Pegg is lollarious ALL of the times. Tom Cruise made me forget what a loon he is in real life, which is an acting FEAT.

Also, there was a lady-actor whose name I do not know, but about whose part I appreciated several things. Firstamente, she kicks off her heels (which were necessary for Disguise Purposes and not just for Making The Lady-Actor Look Hot) before chasing down the Lady-Baddie.

Secondamente, when she and the Lady-Baddie are duking there is tearing of clothing, AS THERE IS WONT TO BE DURING FISTICUFFS, but it isn't sexy-making. I think, like, a sleeve or something gets torn off, and at the SEAM where sleeves actually TEAR, not across the bosom to expose

Thirdamente, when she is in a sexy ballgown (for seduction purposes) and then they leave to go do something stealthy, she CHANGES into something STEALTHY rather than being left ridiculously hanging out in this ballgown until it is dirty and shredded. OTHER MOVIES, TAKE NOTE.

And there are explosions and gadgets and MALFUNCTIONING GADGETS and Jeremy Renner. It is very excellent and you should go.


Lori said...

I had wanted to see this but your review of the lady-actor cements it!

You should start reviewing movies in addition to books...

Reading Rambo said...

Wait, you mean no sexy ripping comme ca?

Also I looked up the ladies and haven't heard of either of them, so they are probably New to Things. And GOOD LORD one of them is a month younger than I am. This sort of thing is happening more and more. I am not liking it.