Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fatterer still.

Did I mention that she has crested the 10 lb hill? My ittle beast, so fat now.

We long ago bid farewell to the ducky jimjams, which I loved so much.

out with them! They pinch my neck-rolls

And now we say goodbye to the lovely owls as well. She has also grown three inches, and is TOO LONG FOR EVERYTHING.

I still love her in sleepers best because everyone is snugglier in pajamas. But she is 22 inches long and a Proper Human now, so I feel like I should dress her accordingly. (Also, now that I am back in my own Proper Human Clothes, I feel like *I* should probably be getting out of my jimjams on the daily.)

So on Friday night, when we went out for dinner with friends (like Proper Human Grown-Ups!) I dressed her in a skirt, like a people. 

We tried to dress her up in aforementioned skirt again last night for the Oscar party, since everyone else was fancying up

evidence of fancying

but she spit up copiously on herself an hour before and we were already out of the house, so she had to wear jimjams to the party instead.

It was a solid effort.

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Jenners said...

Jimjams are the clothes of goddesses!