Thursday, February 02, 2012

February Photo-a-day Challenge

Did I mention I'm doing this?

I am terrible at Doing Things Consistently, but here goes. You can follow me on Instagram (raychraychraych, obviously) and I'll wrap them up here on the 29th if I manage to continue past, like, the 3rd. It is going to be, I confess, very Eleanor-centric.

So far, Day One: Your View Today (And, Let's Face It, Every Day. All Day)

And Day Two: Words (How 9th-Grade-Art-Prompt of them)

Learn to read, bebe. You will like it.

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Anonymous said...

While I was driving yesterday I was thinking about blogs and how curious it that people read each other's blogs and start to think they know each other. I remember when you were working at the daycare and posting hilarious stories about the kids. And then you started posting about a guy, and then we were doing the countdown to your wedding with you. And then he was starting med school and you were being pregnant and now you have your sweet baby.
It's been fun to be on this journey with you Raych. You are a lovely woman.
Love September