Monday, December 10, 2012

Babies are like raccoons in a lot of ways, but primarily in their relationship to trash.

EVERYONE, hello. We are home for 'Christmas' because Joel couldn't get time off for Actual Christmas, but we are ALSO home for my sister's birthday last Friday only she didn't know, she thought we were coming in on Sunday, and you guys the lying this involved. We talk a lot, my sister and I, and one of the things we talk about OFTEN and AT LENGTH is how much time remains until we see each other again, and I kept forgetting when I was actually coming versus when she thought I was coming and it broke my mind. I was not made for subterfuge.

ANYWAY. This is Eleanor's first Christmas Outside My Body (I was, last Christmas [you may recall], the pregnantest)

and she is loving it. Lights!

Wrapping paper!

Corduroy aardvarks!

Ribbons and towels!

Late-night snuggles with Tante Gillian!

Bath piggies!

She is really into her piggies and the aardvark, but the run-away hit so far has been that ribbon. BABIES. The more they change, the more all babies would rather play with garbage than actual toys. I'm just going to wrap a piece of tinfoil and an old Christmas card up for her and put them under the tree. She'll be thrilled.

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