Saturday, December 29, 2012

I love her gifts even more than I love my gifts, and I love my gifts a lot.

Let's talk about prezzents, yes? Yes.

When Joel and I were dating, I told him that Kitchen Things were inappropriate gifts because FEMINISM! YOUTH! OUTRAGE. But this year I look back on all my bests gifts and they were things like these darling, darling hedgies to measure out flour with, or serve snacks in, or just LOOK at.

LOOK AT THEM. And Joel got me this paisley knife and this little hedgie who is all like Aieeeeee rub your cheese on my back yesssssss

and our stockings were full of aged balsamic vinegars and cornbread mixes and then at a party gift exchange there were really only three or four gifts worth winning and we got two of them and one of them was various tiny hot sauces

and I was VERY EXCITED about these things and I think this all means that I'm reconciled to spending all my time in the kitchen, and liking it.

But you are here to hear about Eleanor's gifts. Baby's first Christmas! Let the list commence.

Gift That Inexplicably Had A Fabric Fold Down Below So We Re-Christened Him 'Mrs Roy': Roy, the corduroy aardvark! Eleanor likes to fall asleep biting Mrs Roy's face.

Gift That Eleanor Ignored In Favor of the Very! Exciting! Bow!: puppy towel! (Came with bath book and bath piggies, which she likes fill with water and then SHAKE.)

Speaking Of Piggies, Gift of MINE That Eleanor Has Stolen And Uses To Make Glorious Noise: piggy spatula!

Gift That She Tragically Can't Wear Until Spring Because WEATHER: this charming hat and mittens.

Gift That She Sat and Gazed Pleasedly Upon For A Long Time Before Touching Because She's Wacky Like That: one of those thingies where you press the button or turn the knob and the animal pops up. Eleanor loves pressing buttons and also closing things that are open.

Gift That We Tragically Had To Leave In BC Due To Space Restrictions, To Be Brought Over With Whoever Comes East In A Car Next: her riding bee!

See how much she loves it?

Tragic. (Also, her aunties and uncles taught her to sproing one of its sproingy antennae and go Brrrbrrrbrrbrrbrrrng. She is very good at sound effects.)

Gift That We Had To Teach Her To Use Properly Because She's Never Seen Any Of Us Talking On A Phone Before: baby phone!

Now she holds it to her ear and says 'eh-oh' into it, but at first all she would do was sit and text like a twelve-year-old.

Most Appropriate Gift On Account Of How Eleanor Is A Dragon And Also Likes Things With Texture: That's Not My Dragon.

Surprise Favorite: The box her animal books came in.

Gift That We Spent Responsibly Like Child-having Adults: cash from the great-grands.

Eleanor loves her new big-person ride. She also loves the box her new ride came in.

Babies! Boxes! Battlestar Galactica.


blackbird said...

Has she really never seen you on the phone?
Ask her to call me.

alice c said...

Pass me that adorable child in the stripey beret - I am worried that she might not be getting enough cuddles and I am offering my services.

Amanda said...


Your Eleanor's corduroy aardvark looks from the back EXACTLY like my Eleanor's corduroy bunny. She also has that VERY SAME baby phone AND a copy of That's Not My Monkey. Our children are freakishly alike.

Amanda said...

Also: If you are anything like me, approximately six months from now that baby phone will cause you to LOSE YOUR MIND from all the damn singing and you will pop the batteries out of it and pretend it's broken. But until then, your child will adore it.