Wednesday, December 05, 2012

She is the busiest bee.

Eleanor has a bunch of jobs to do every time she comes upstairs from a sleep. There is a shelf full of books to pull down, one at a time

and perhaps read.

And then there are blocks to take out of their bowl and she has ONLY JUST LEARNED that she can also put them back in.

This makes the game cyclical and means it can go on for a while.

And then she has this Little People nativity set that my mom got her, and the first few times I pulled it out for her she couldn't even PLAY with it, she was so excited she would just look at it and vibrate. But now she has to pull all the shepherds and camels and wise men out of the barn, flip them over until she finds their faces, and say 'hi.'

Meanwhile, I am reading a book or eating breakfast or something, all like, Ah yes, my child is very independent and self-actualized, etc. And then I look over and what even are you, Eleanor.

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blackbird said...

Clearly, in that last photo, she is a shepherd.