Sunday, December 30, 2012

I am handy with a needle.

Want to know about some other stuff that I crafted? Yes, you do.

Ok so Eleanor has a stocking at her grandma's house that grandma fills, but I also want her to have an at-home stocking, so I threw this together and it took approximately four episodes of Bob's Burger, which is like an hour and a half in real time.

I only quilted the front, but that gives it a nice stability and all the presents aren't poking out everywhere. Eleanor's still a baby and babies don't know nothing, so I just filled with her favorite things and she had a great time pulling them out. Pulling things out of other things is one of her favorite things.

So that turned out fantastically. On the other side of the crafting coin, I was building myself this little forest of Christmas trees for my snowmen to live in, and the first one I made out of embroidery floss which I soaked in modge podge and wound around a styrofoam cone. I kind of thought it would just slide off the cone once it was dry, but NO DICE. So I had to chisel the cone out, which gave the tree a sweet, snowy look but meant I had to destroy the cone. STYROFOAM CONES IS NOT CHEAP. Also, the tree lists a bit. There's a high wind in this forest.

And the other one, the other one. I picked up three 100-packs of thumbtacks and before I started I was like, Oh, maybe I'll have enough thumbtacks to make TWO. But 300 thumbtacks got me maybe two inches up the cone. So I went back and picked up FOUR MORE PACKS, bringing our total to seven hundred thumbtacks, and (as you can see) I ran out about two inches from the top. I don't even.

There was a third disaster involving a gold lacey placemat that I thought would turn out BEAUTIFULLY but which CANNOT EVEN STAND UNDER ITS OWN POWER. Crafting is a treacherous mistress.

Unless you are making some rabbit ears out of tights, which requires no skill or effort and turns out every time.

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blackbird said...

Tights as ears is key.