Saturday, January 26, 2013

If we had a puppy, she'd smother it WITH LOVE.

Eleanor is a human love machine. She loves to burrow her face into your neck while she sucks her thumb, and her other arm either snakes around your neck to hug you tightly (which is adorable), or slips under your arm to scrabble around in your armpit (which is not).

We've been trying to teach her to give kisses, but she always comes at you with an open mouth.

It is both charming and disgusting, and DAMP on account of she drools like a St Bernard. 

I have lots of friends whose babies won't snuggle, and they should just come hang out here for a bit. Eleanor needs to touch everyone in the room every ten minutes. If you lay down on the carpet, she WILL flop down and try to logroll you.

And if you're going to feed her you'd best be prepared to have feet on your knees at all times.

I look at her sometimes and I'm like, You are going to hate me when you are 15, and I will tell you how I used to RUB MY FACE AGAINST YOUR FACE and you LOVED it.


trish said...

Ethan likes to have his feet on our knees while he eats too. He's a crazy love machine too. He hugs kids until they cry. Which, you know, isn't a psychotic behavior yet, so it's still cute.

blackbird said...


Rhiannon said...

Love the new look! Also, you are the luckiest, I hope the wee parasite turns into a cuddle whore.

Vasilly said...

Eleanor! I love it when a kid likes to cuddle. My two oldest loved to kiss and hug on me but the youngest on didn't. I used to think he was broken or something. ;-) I wish you guys were in Cali! Eleanor could give me a hug anytime.