Monday, January 07, 2013

So insubordinate.

She knows how to say 'hi' (obviously) and she gets 'bye-bye' down pretty well sometimes (WITH LITTLE HAND-SCRINCHY WAVE) and now she's picked up all these animal sounds, but you can't get her to do them unless she's doing something else and not really paying attention to you.

Like, the other night we're all hanging out and she's casually leafing through some books and I'm like, Hey Eleanor, what does a bee say? And we ran through all her animals: cow, sheep, dragon, snake, and she didn't even hesitate and she never looked up from her book.

But you try to catch that shit on camera, all you get is INSOLENCE.

Little scamp. I'll catch her unawares yet.


leahandmichael said...

o man. that girl is GOod.

leahandmichael said...

o man. that girl is GOod.

blackbird said...


Schmat kid.

Reading Rambo said...

"That's what a BEE SAYS."

Anonymous said...

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