Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Time to start watching what we say.

She really thinks she's talking now. Her gibberish has variety and inflection and sounds more like Bulgarian than just yammering. And she repeats what you say really intelligibly sometimes so it's hard to say whether she knows that's a bus or just heard you say 'bus.'

Even when it's nonsense, though, she's convinced she's doing just like you do. She'll point at the plant and be like, Beedle durrr? And I'm like, Plant. And she's like, Poot. And I'm like, Plant. And she's like, Beet. And each time she's looking at me like, What? I'm saying exactly what you're saying.

And then, ok, sometimes she tries to make things happen, like, I've started doing this thing where I'm microwaving her food and she's like *more, more, more* and I'm like, Waiiiiiiit, waiiiiiiiit, and then when there's like five seconds left on the microwave I point to my ear and I'm like, Lissssten, because I'm trying to teach her that when the thing beeps, then food is done.

But a couple of times I've tossed some food in there and right away, she points to her ear and is like, Werrrrrrn, because she thinks that is what makes the microwave beep, which in turn makes food be done.


blackbird said...

We say werrrrnnnn when we touch our ears.

alice c said...

Be warned - she knows she deserves designer sunglasses and she knows that you are fobbing her off with these cheap ones.

Anonymous said...

So, she's like Joey learning to speak French?