Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I've only been able to wash him, like, once.

We've talked about how much Eleanor loves snuggles, but she also loves Snuggles, who was her first gift as a live baby (i.e. not a fetus). Snuggles is for naptimes, but sometimes if we're having a rough day we bring him upstairs. She usually abandons him pretty quickly and moves on to other things, but when she comes across him in her wanders she drops for an immediate snuggle.

You can't tell, but there's a Snuggle under this heap of person.


Sometimes she wears him like a hat while she does other things.

Ok, a lot of time she wears him like a hat.

And once she spent ten minutes trying to make him sit up.

He was terrible at it.

But usually if she has Snuggles, she is sucking her thumb and trying to nuzzle you.

Here's to you, Snuggles.

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blackbird said...

Of course some experienced mom has told you to buy as many replacement Snuggles as possible for when he gets lost, right?
Don't bother.
I made my boys have a "thing."
It's brilliant as, I find, if babies don't have a Snuggle or a Muttsey or a Baby Seal they choose their mothers as The Thing and I don't like that.
I am cruel and horrible and made them sleep in their own beds too.